//Generic strategies for IBLC development

Generic strategies for IBLC development

Read about the generic IBLC strategies that were developed in the framework of AGROinLOG project based on case studies and the lessons learned from each case study that was performed in the following five different sectors:

  • feed & fodder
  • olive oil mills (chain)
  • wine (cellars & distilleries)
  • grain chain
  • sugar

The case studies in this context are elaborated descriptions of potential integrations of biomass processing in value chains for food and non-food markets. The purpose of these case studies is to, on the one hand gain insight in how the identified opportunities that are technically feasible can be developed into pathways for IBLCs in different sectors and markets, and on the other hand to develop a step-by-step approach to feed the description of generic strategies for development of IBLCs that will be applicable for different sectors and in different regions.

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