//Learn about the expected outcomes in the Spanish demo

Learn about the expected outcomes in the Spanish demo

Demonstration of an IBLC for forage production, solid biomass and innovative bio-composites inside the animal feed sector

The agroindustry Agroindustrial Pascual Sanz (APS) in Spain will become an Integrated Biomass Logistics Centre (IBLC) in the forage sector.

APS is dedicated to the production of dehydrated forage in bales or pellet formats. The raw material is mainly alfalfa.

APS will start a new business line taking advantage of the idle period of the equipment in their plant from December to March. During this time, biomass pellets will be produced for two different purposes: energy use and bio-composite materials.

A production between 6.000 t/year and 10.000 t/year has been initially foreseen, increasing the flexibility of the plant with lower investment.

The following outcomes are expected:

  • To valorise 7 kt/year of raw materials currently unexploited (straw, maize stalks mainly) that can be purchased from nearby farmers at a low price.
  • To increase the turnover by at least 660.000 € thanks to the new pellet line.
  • To maintain the 11 employees with a full-time dedication due to the seasonality avoidance and employ 1 extra employee for the management of the new business line.
  • To reduce payback periods due to equipment compatibility (dryer, mill, pelletizer and storage systems) and enhance competitiveness in final product prices, increasing profitability
  • To expand the customers’ portfolio with two new markets: bio-energy and bio-composites for the manufacturing sector.
  • To assess socioeconomic and environmental issues related to the IBLC implementation
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