Olive tree pruning harvesting

20 January 2020

During the project AGROinLOG different machines for pruning’s residues harvesting and comminuting, actually available on market, were tested in order to demonstrate the feasibility of a pruning for […]

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Maize cob harvesting

20 January 2020

Maize is one of the most widespread crop worldwide because of its high yield and importance for food, chemical purposes and livestock feed. Maize cob remains in the […]

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Cereal straw and chaff harvesting

20 January 2020

Currently, among residuals, only straw is usually baled and exploited for animal bedding or energy purposes. However, there is a considerable amount of lightweight biomass that is available […]

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Fiber sorghum harvesting

20 January 2020

Fiber sorghum enjoys the status of a highly diverse food, feed, and biofuel source worldwide. The natural attributes like abiotic stress tolerance, diverse genetic base, viable seed industry, […]

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