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Main goals of the project

The main goal of AGROinLOG is the demonstration of Integrated Biomass Logistic Centres (IBLC) for food and non-food products, evaluating their technical, environmental and economic feasibility. The project is based on three agro-industries in the fodder (Spain), olive oil production (Greece) and cereal processing (Sweden) sectors that are willing to deploy new business lines in their facilities to open new markets in bio-commodities (energy, transport and manufacturing purposes) and intermediate bio-products (transport and biochemicals).

These sectors represent over 10% turnover of agro-food industries and 30% of those with inherent synergies to integrate food and non-food business taking advantage of their existing equipment, seasonality and established food logistics.

The synergies of applying IBLCs business in existing agro-industries can have a positive impact over 18% in final product price, giving a clear competitive strength to a wide segment of agro-industries, which can exploit this privileged situation compared to a new biomass supply business built from scratch.

Main challenges of the project

The project is built on the agro-industries in the fodder, olive oil production and cereal processing sectors that will achieve a TRL7-8 in their facilities, guaranteeing operation under real conditions and with big amounts of production compared to the current activity, ensuring proximity to real market at the end of the project. Main challenges are based on being able to integrate logistics, harvesting and equipment in food and non-food applications, where the project is focused; ensuring marketability of the final bio-commodities.

Besides, AGROinLOG will apply a multi-actor approach to attain experiences and knowledge of the sectors and agro-industries, enhancing the accuracy of the business models and developing effective and friendly guidelines of best practices to replicate and spread IBLC concept in Europe.

This project will contribute towards employment stability – seasonality avoidance-, rural development and bio-economy goals.

AGROinLOG’s ambition is to go beyond the demo sectors, providing Europe with the practical knowledge to foster that a large share of the potential sectors adopts potential synergies of the food and non-food activities.