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AGROinLOG is presented in a DG Agriculture and Rural Development workshop as an example for promoting bioeconomy

Brussels, 20-21 September 2018

The event, organized by DG Agriculture and Rural Development, took place during 20th and 21st of September and brought together policy makers at national/regional level, scientific experts […]

AGROinLOG gathers stakeholders to discuss on the optimal conditions for implementation of IBLCs in agro-industries of the feed and fodder and vegetable oil sectors

Zaragoza, 18/09/2018

On 18th September, a workshop of the AGROinLOG Project was held in Zaragoza to gather information on the conditions for implementing the “Integrated Biomass Logistic Centres” (IBLC) in the […]

AGROinLOG will participate in a workshop organized by Spanish Agri-food Cooperatives on energy efficiency and sustainability in agro industries

The AGROinLOG project partner Spanish Agri-food Cooperatives has organized the workshop “Energy efficiency and implantation of biomass logistic centers in the forage and vegetable oil sectors” in order to present […]