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The project

The main goal of AGROinLOG is the demonstration of Integrated Biomass Logistic Centres (IBLC) for food and non-food products, evaluating their technical, environmental and economic feasibility.

The project is based on three agro-industries in the fodder (Spain), olive oil production (Greece) and cereal processing (Sweden) sectors that are willing to deploy new business lines in their facilities to open new markets in bio-commodities (energy, transport and manufacturing purposes) and intermediate bio-products (transport and biochemicals).



Workshop “Opportunities to improve the competitiveness of agrobusiness”

Tuesday 25th of February 2020 Next 25th of February, CIRCE and Agroindustrial Pascual Sanz are [...]

WORKSHOP: “Opportunities for the wine and olive oil sector in the use of biomass”

Workshop Thursday 6th of February 2020   On Thursday 6th of February Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias is [...]

Sugar Industry: Main conclusions on the implementation of the IBLC concept

The time of the year when there is no production on the sugar industry production [...]


Demonstration of an IBLC inside an animal feed industry

APS is a company that specializes since 1996 in the production of forage, which is dehydrated by direct drying for making bales and pellets. The farms of the forage suppliers of APS cover a total area of approximately 2.000 hectares of crops.

  • Sector: Forage dehydration

  • New Products: Pellets for energy use and bio-composite materials

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Demonstration of an IBLC inside an olive oil production industry

NUTRIA is a leading company in the Greek olive oil sector. Its products are exported worldwide. NUTRIA’s accompanied facilities include: olive oil mill, refinery, bottling plant, PET production unit, and a laboratory.

  • Sector: Olive Oil production

  • New Products: Use of olive tree prunings as a feedstock for the production of solid biofuels/biocommodities and extraction of useful chemicals from residual streams.

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Demonstration of an IBLC inside a grain-milling and feed industry

Lantmännen is an agricultural cooperative rooted in Swedish farming and owned by about 29.000 farmers and processes farmland resources in a responsible manner. Lantmännen is active in all the parts of the value chain, from farmland to table.

  • Sector: Cereal processing

  • New Products: Ethanol production and products of higher value from the lignin (sulphur free bio-oil to be used as biodiesel enhancer)

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