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AGROinLOG will participate in a workshop organized by Spanish Agri-food Cooperatives on energy efficiency and sustainability in agro industries

The AGROinLOG project partner Spanish Agri-food Cooperatives has organized the workshop “Energy efficiency and implantation of biomass logistic centers in the forage and vegetable oil sectors” in order to present […]

Learn about the work we have developed so far

Since the beginning of the project, the demonstration activities have started in the three pilots, mainly focused on the characterization of the biomass supply activities and the determination of the […]

Spanish Agri-food Cooperatives presents the AGROinLOG Project Spanish Sector Reports at Genera 2018

The Association of Renewable Energy Companies (APPA) and Biomass Union (Spain), to which Spanish Agri-food Cooperatives belongs, organized last Thursday 14th of June a conference entitled “Advances in Biomass […]