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Vegetable Oil Extraction Sector: Main conclusions on the implementation of the IBLC concept

The vegetable oils production sector is used to utilizing waste streams obtained during oil production and companies rarely have significant idle periods in which other alternatives could be introduced. However, […]

Release of the report ‘Comprehensive identification of opportunities for the production of biomass and biocommodities and for a logistics integration’

This report contains the results of research into the potential and possibilities of establishing Integrated Biomass Logistics Centres (IBLCs) in a number of specific agricultural sectors and industries in Europe. […]

Progress in the Swedish demo: Development of a logistics supply chain of wheat straw for ethanol production

18 December 2019

The AGROinLOG project deals with utilization of non-used resources and residues to create new business lines and products at agro-industries, taking advantage of their variations in seasonal operation. […]