//Learn about the expected outcomes in the Greek demo

Learn about the expected outcomes in the Greek demo

Demonstration of an IBLC in the olive oil sector for the production of oil, solid biomass, particle boards and chemicals based on olive tree prunings and olive pomace

The agroindustry NUTRIA in Greece will become an Integrated Biomass Logistics Centre (IBLC) in the olive oil sector.


NUTRIA is an olive oil refinery plant that produces standardized olive oil, olive pomace oil and seed oils. Farmers collect olives from October until December and the olive milling operates on a seasona

l basis as well (October – March).

NUTRIA will start a new business line taking advantage of the idle periods and idle equipment (e.g., dryers) and of some residues or wastes, as follows:

  • Use of olive tree pruning resources as a supplementary feedstock for the production of solid biofuels (pellets and chips) for the energy market (heating) or bio-commodities for the production of particle boards.
  • Extraction of useful chemicals from residual streams for application in the pharmaceutical or cosmetics industry.

This passes through the installation and operation of a pomace mill facility for Two Phase Olive Mill Waste (TPOMW) and the development of a logistics chain for the utilization of biomass from pruning.

The following outcomes are expected:

  • To valorise 8.5 kt/yr of currently unexploited olive tree prunings, “purchased” from the farmers for little to null cost (because their current management costs would be avoided). Prunings will be collected and stored in the oil mills from late March to its final use.
  • To increase turnover by around 1 M€.
  • To avoid seasonality in the operation of the dryer, which may be running from February until June, beyond the standard operating period from November to February.
  • To increase the amount of solid biofuels they bring to the market by 125 %, based on additional production of 5 kt/y of pruning pellets.
  • To assess socioeconomic and environmental issues related to the IBLC implementation
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