AGROinLOG consortium meets in Sweden

AGROinLOG partners recently met in Norköping (Sweden) for the III Steering Committee meeting. The event was hosted by the project partners RISE and LANTMÄNNEN.

The meeting took place during two consecutive […]

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Harvesting machinery show cases

AGROinLOG organizes venues to show the European stakeholders the innovations in terms of machinery able to collect agriculture by-products. Visits are organized to facilities to observe real operation, followed by […]

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Learn about the IBLC concept

Main drivers to develop an Integrated Biomass Logistics Centre (IBLC)

Many European agro-industries are characterized by the fact that capital goods and facilities cannot be used year-round due to the seasonal […]

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The AGROinLOG project in short

Agro-industries can boost their competitiveness by turning residues into new bio products during idle periods

AGROinLOG is a project funded by the European Commission to improve the competitiveness of agro-industries through […]

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