//The Spanish Agro-food Cooperatives explains AGROinLOG and the use of biomass during a project workshop in Genera 2017

The Spanish Agro-food Cooperatives explains AGROinLOG and the use of biomass during a project workshop in Genera 2017

28/02/2017. Madrid

The Renewable Energy Companies Association (APPA) and the Union for Biomass (group to which the Spanish Agro-food Cooperatives belongs) organized today, February 28, within the framework of the GENERA 2017 fair, a workshop entitled “Biomass in The Circular Economy”. The workshop has emphasized the relevant role that biomass can play as a source of energy for multiple applications and sectors.

Juan Sagarna, responsible for Services, Quality and Innovation of the Spanish Agro-food Cooperatives, participated in this conference explaining the use of biomass in the agricultural sector and, specifically, the development of the AGROinLOG project.

The European project AGROinLOG continues the path established by another project, Sucellog, in which the Spanish Agro-food Cooperatives also participated. This initiative tried to evaluate the possibilities of the cooperatives to become biomass logistics centers, thus contributing to a new line of business and a source of sustainable resources for the development of its activity.

The objective of AGROinLOG is to demonstrate the concept of biomass logistics centers for food and non-food products, evaluating their economic, technical and environmental viability. The AGROinLOG project is based on three agroindustries in the sectors of fodder (Spain), olive oil (Greece) and bioethanol (Sweden), sectors that aim to develop new lines in their facilities and open new markets for biocommodities.

Download the agenda of the workshop http://appcatalogo.ifema.es/getrecurso.ashx?Feria=GE17&Tipo=R&Fichero=IDOC_0001017_01.pdf

Download the project presentation: Agroinlog (Juan Sagarna)



GENERA 2017, the Energy and Environment International Exhibition, is held in IFEMA, Madrid, from the 28th February to the 3rd of March. A meeting for professionals linked to the world of renewable energy and energy efficiency, which offers an interesting showcase of technological advances and developments that are leading the evolution of the sector.

The Exhibition, organized with the collaboration of the Institute for Diversification and Energy Saving (IDAE), also includes an interesting program of scientific Technical Conferences, as well as some formative sessions within the FORO GENERA, which designed with an agile and didactic format will deepen in some of the novelties and proposals that are presented in the fair.