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Stichting Wageningen Research(WFBR)

Wageningen University and Research Centre (Wageningen UR) is a leading international research organization that contributes importantly to the quality of life in the fields of food and health, sustainable agrosystems, and social changes, aiming at Science for Impact. With approximately 30 locations around the world, 6,000 staff members and 11,000 students, Wageningen UR is a world leader in the Food and BioEconomy domain.

Within Wageningen UR, the “Stichting Dienst Landbouwkundig Onderzoek” and its participating research institute Wageningen Food and Biobased Resear (WFBR) provide strategic and applied research activities. WFBR’s mission is to be the innovation partner for sustainable growth. Its research is aimed at the areas of healthy food, sustainable fresh food chains and biobased materials, chemicals and energy.

Research Expert in Bio-commodities

University of Belgrade

Role and main activities in AGROinLOG

Within the AGROinLOG project, WFBR will mostly be involved in the development of all the activities related to assessing the practical and theoretical framework for the development of new value chains in connection with Integrated Biomass Logistical Centres (IBLCs).

WFBR will identify the specific characteristics of various European agricultural sectors that are related to the suitability of setting up an IBLC and propose the possible strategies. WFBR will be also support all the task regarding the validation of IBLC bio-commodities to different bio-based routes (particle boards and green chemical extraction) and assess their market potential.