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RISE Processum AB

RISE Processum AB was founded in 2003 as a research support to Swedish industry with a focus on the important forest industry in the Northern part of Sweden.

The aim was to develop new processes and products to strengthen the competitiveness through effective use of resources. Today, PROCESSUM is a part of the technical research institute of Sweden with a strong research based on lignocellulosic raw material within the fields of general biorefinery development, biotechnology and organic chemistry.

PROCESSUM offers research and development support to companies in the pulp and paper industry, chemical processing industry, forest industry, specialized in the areas of biotechnology and organic chemistry.

The core competence of PROCESSUM is in the field of chemistry with specialist competences within organic synthesis, pilot scale chemistry, flow chemistry and high pressure reactions.


University of Belgrade

Role and main activities in AGROinLOG

PROCESSUM will provide the Swedish demonstration with all the expertise to develop a new process of hydrothermal liquefaction to obtain a highly added value product to complement the bioethanol production. PROCESSUM will lead the validation of all demo-products within real potential customers.