Instituto agrotikis kai synetairistikis oikonomias inaso-paseges

 The “Institouto Agrotikis kai Sinetairistikis Oikonomias (INASO – PASEGES)” is a civil non profit organisation, established in 2005 in Athens by the Panhellenic Confederation of Unions of Agricultural Cooperatives (PASEGES).

PASEGES was established in 1935 and is the leading body of the country’s Agricultural Cooperative Organisations in terms of ideology and coordination, supporting, promoting, boosting their activities and representing them at an International, European and national level. It is a non profit organisation and represents around 750.000 farmers, about 4.000 Agricultural Cooperatives, 111 Unions of Agricultural Cooperatives and 40 Agricultural Cooperative Organisations acting as sector cooperative organisations and Cooperative Societies Anonymes.

In this context and with the aim to support and develop the activities of its members, INASO – PASEGES operates at PASEGES quarters.

Agrarian association

University of Belgrade

INASO – PASEGES is specifically crafted to serve the needs of applied research and related projects, and offer a high level of effectiveness and flexibility to all potential demands in National as well as in European and International Programmes.

The scope of INASO-PASEGES is to promote the development of rural and cooperative economy at regional, national and European level and to promote strategic rural development policies, integrated regional development programs and sectoral policies that improve the quality of food and the competitiveness of food producing cooperative enterprises.

The means for the fulfillment of the above mentioned scopes is through planning and conducting surveys and studies; collection, processing and utilization of scientific information in rural and cooperative economy; participation, conduct and management of Consulting and specialized research programs included in the Community Support Frameworks, in National Special Programmes as well as in European and International Programmes, which support and promote integrated rural development projects and food policy; cooperation with relevant international organisations, organisation of Conferences, international meetings and visits, workshops, seminars and lectures; publication of books, magazines, etc.

In addition, all the benefits that arise from the member’s network of PASEGES are available through INASO – PASEGES, as PASEGES constitutes the main member of INASO – PASEGES.

Role and main activities in AGROinLOG

INASO-PASEGES is leader of WP8, being responsible for the Communication and Dissemination activities in the project. INASO-PASEGES will be in involved in the assessment of the potential replicability of the IBLC in some combinations of targeted sectors and most interesting regions. INASO -PASEGES will participate in several actions focusing on active dissemination and stakeholders involvement