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CIRCE Foundation

CIRCE Foundation (Centre of Research for Energy Resources and Consumption) was established in 1993 as an independent Research Centre to create and develop innovative solutions and scientific/technical knowledge and to transfer them to the business sector in the field of energy. CIRCE’s mission is to drive forward improvements in energy efficiency and to spread the use of renewable energy by means of the development of R+D+I activities and formative actions, thereby contributing to a sustainable development.

Since 1993, CIRCE has conducted more than 2.500 R&D&I projects at national and international level and has trained more than 1.850 professionals from 47 countries within the postgraduate courses CIRCE promotes.

Research, Spanish demo supporter and coordinator

University of Belgrade

CIRCE is also a very active actor in the R&D and Renewable Energy integration projects at Spanish and European level. As a proof of its experience in international projects, CIRCE has participated in 63 European projects. Currently CIRCE is involved in 23 FP7 projects, being the coordinator of 6 of them and 18 H2020, being coordinator of 4.

Role and main activities in AGROinLOG

CIRCE is the Coordinator of AGROinLOG, being responsible for all management activities and the creation of the web of the project in the dissemination activities related to the project. In addition to leading the management and coordination activities in the project, CIRCE will be the demo supporter of the Spanish IBLC. CIRCE will also lead tasks related with business models, assessment of environmental, socio and economic impacts.