//Implementing an IBLC in an agroindustry of the animal feed sector

Implementing an IBLC in an agroindustry of the animal feed sector

This report is focused on the fodder sector, which was studied through the collaboration during the project of Agroindustrial Pascual Sanz (APS) as agro-industry demo partner and Fundación CIRCE (CIRCE) as main technological centre providing support to this demo.

Along the project, different energy blends pellets based on herbaceous materials and forestry woodchips were produced by APS and monitored by CIRCE, cost operation was obtained and validation activities were carried out. As a result, the blend 60% straw – 40% wood was selected as the best blend developed according to the quality criteria and cost operations optimization for APS, being competitive with the industrial pellet under the current market conditions which is the main competitor of the blend pellet produced.

Read how the IBLC model demonstrated to be profitable in the case of APS and probably in agro-industries of the fodder sector with similar conditions having a pelletization line already.

Read the full report here

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