//Pruning for energy supply chain in Apulia Region – FIUSIS power plant (5 April)

Pruning for energy supply chain in Apulia Region – FIUSIS power plant (5 April)

AGROinLOG would like to invite you to an open demo day of an existing value chain based on the energetic utilization of olive tree prunings in Apulia, Italy.

Olive tree prunings are an abundant residual agrobiomass in southern Europe, in areas where olive trees are cultivated. Depending on the olive tree variety, local agronomic practices and other factors, prunings are produced annually or biannually as part of the agronomic operations for the maintenance and well-being of the olive trees. It is common practice that farmers dispose of these prunings in open field fires, without any form of valorisation and causing seasonal air emissions.

Harvesting olive tree prunings for energy value chains is a very interesting alternative for the management of this residue. Several manufacturers have developed different technologies for harvesting prunings from the fields [1] and there are examples of real value chains based on this material in Spain and Italy [2].

This particular AGROinLOG demo day will revolve around the case of FIUSIS, which is the world’s first biomass power plant (1 MWe) fuelled exclusively by olive tree prunings. The plant mobilizes around 8,000 tons of olive tree prunings annually sourced from a radius of 15 km [2].

In the course of the demo day, participants will have the chance to visit the Fiusis power plant and see the equipment used for power production; additionally, a Q&A session with the plant manager will be organized in order to develop an understanding of how this successful case of olive tree pruning utilization materialized.

Additionally, the participants will have the chance to see an on-field demonstration of two different harvesting methods used by the logistics operators of Fiusis to collect olive tree prunings:

  • Integrated harvesting and shredding of olive tree prunings using the Comby TR200 harvester produced by FACMA (Figure 2 – left).
  • Forwarding of olive tree prunings to the side of the field and treatment with a stationary chipper Caravaggi (Figure 2 – right).

The demo-day has been organized by CREA in collaboration with CERTH and INASO-PASEGES and with the support of Fiusis power plant, Becool and the uP_running projects [3,4].

More information and agenda in this link.

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