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Agriconsulting Europe S.A.

Agriconsulting Europe SA (AESA) is a renowned European consulting firm offering worldwide high-quality technical assistance and management services in the field of international development. During its 20 years of activity, AESA built its reputation on the successful implementation of more than 300 multidisciplinary projects for a wide variety of clients across the private and public sectors, International Organisations and private clients.

AESA (www.agriconsultingeurope.be), part of the Agriconsulting Group of companies, is currently working in more than 70 countries. The Company employs a multidisciplinary full time core staff of around 40 people in its Headquarters in Brussels and more than 200 experts on on-going assignments worldwide.


Consulting SME

University of Belgrade

AESA delivers consulting and know-how transfer services within the following areas of expertise related to the project:

  • Agriculture & Rural Development.
  • Environment and Natural Resources Management.

  • Plant Protection and Health.
  • Food and Veterinary issues.
  • Economic Development & Trade.

As regards Agriculture and Agribusiness, AESA provides an overview of agriculture potential in a given country by assessing current and future business trends that are likely to impact investment decisions. In particular our Agribusiness management staff provides – among others- the services as follows: Financial management and reporting, Biomass and biofuel productions or Training.

Agriconsulting Spa based in Rome (Italy) is the sister company of AESA and the Agriconsulting Group. The initial mission of Agriconsulting was to offer a modern approach to farm management and to promote efficient development of farms by applying sound economic principles, appropriate agricultural techniques, and the results of scientific research and experimentation. Agriconsulting has a permanent staff of 220 people and a significant number of international consultants working on projects all over the world.

Since 1993 Agriconsulting has worked on projects related to the exploitation of biomass for energy purposes becoming one of the leading companies in Italy. It has set up a skilled network with research institutes, engineering enterprises and professional organization operating on bioenergy.

Agriconsulting has supported many utilities (e,g, Enel Group, Bioenergie S.p.A., Viscolube S.p.A., EuroEnergy Group S.r.l., etc.) in the biomass supply programme and public entities in developing program on the bioenergy sector in different Italian regions.

The Company has been also involved in research and demonstration projects both at national and European level under FP7 programme and Bio-based industry projects.

Role and main activities in AGROinLOG

AESA is leader of WP7 – Boosting participation and further replication. AESA is responsible of the development of a methodology for active multi-actor participation. In addition, the company will coordinate the collection and gathering of relevant outputs and different information, feedback and comments following the meetings at national level between the different stakeholders.

AESA also will lead 8.5 – Best Practices Guidelines development.