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Nutria S.A.

NUTRIA was founded in 1994 in Agios Konstantinos Fthiotida and started as a small olive oil mill and packing line for tins only. Nowadays, with a total of more than 15 M€ investments in the last decade, an annual turnover of 37 M€ (2014) and around 60 employes, NUTRIA is a leading company in the Greek olive oil sector. Its products exported to more than 30 countries worldwide, including Great Britain, France, Sweden, Germany, Russia, USA, Canada, China, and Japan.

NUTRIA is currently developing a new installation for the treatment of residues from olive mills that have adopted the two-phase production technology; this unit will produce pomace oil and olive pits for use as a solid biofuel, while its processed residue (exhausted olive cake) will be fed to an anaerobic digester, along with other residual waste streams, to produce electricity for the grid and heat.


Agro-industry demonstrator

University of Belgrade

Role and main activities in AGROinLOG

NUTRIA’s main involvement in the project will be the leadership of WP4 – Demonstration of an IBLC inside the olive sector. In particular, NUTRIA will provide the guidelines for the planning of the demonstration according to its business needs and will be involved in the activities related to the monitoring and evaluation of the demo.

NUTRIA will also coordinate the operational testing of the demonstration phase, with particular emphasis on the production of solid biofuels which is foreseen to be the main new business activity for them. NUTRIA will also lead the required adaptations of its facilities as well as the final dimensioning and optimization of its new integrated logistics center.